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Parent Information

We the staff at Blue Springs ELementary believe in the partnership of school and parents. It is said to raise a child it takes a village. We belive we serve a vital role in that village  along with our parents. There is much information to be found on our school website as well as by visiting our school during school hours. We are here to help in your needs for the total well being of your child.

Parents Right to Know Information,CIP, Technology information, policy information, and the school RTI plans are available in the school front office for viewing. Please feel free to view this material at anytime during the school day. Our school CIP is located on our school website - click here to review our CIP

Please let our school know of any way we can better serve you in helping educate your child. All questions are good questions and we are happy to answer any we can.


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2018-2019 Student Handbook

2018-2019 Student Handbook - Spanish

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Booklist - Spanish

Building Readers - December - English

Building Readers - December - Spanish

Building Readers - January 2019 - English

Building Readers - January 2019 - Spanish

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Building Reader - February 2019 - Spanish

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